Why do people fail a lie detector test

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Nov 11th, 2016
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There are several sites such as http://www.Liedetectortest.uk which inform of the services offered with regards a lie detector test. The lie detector test is also known as the polygraph test. These sites also inform of the cost it takes for conducting the test on someone. Infact on sites like http://www.Liedetectortest.uk the cost of administering the test could range anywhere between low hundreds to quite a pretty penny – based on the complexity of the issue at hand and the reasons why the test needs to be administered.

Criticism of the lie detector test

However, these tests are not fool proof. They offer accuracy of 90%-92%. The reasons why people fail these tests even if they are not lying on it are that sometimes the test is unable to pick up lies when the person is deliberately deceiving during the test. There are people who deceive and manipulate the truth and this is sometimes not easy to catch.

The second reason is that people may fail the test as they have not reviewed the questions well. They either did not think what the exact question was or they have not given themselves enough time.

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Another reason is that the person is anxious and nervous and as a result he or she shows signs of panic and fear – which can be misinterpreted as a lie.

 Another reason of failing the lie detector test is concentrating on passing or failing the test without focusing on the question which is being asked.

Recommendations on how to pass the test

Therefore, for persons who want to pass the test it is suggested that they sit calmly.

They should also be aware of the question being put to them.

They should review the question in their mind before answering and only focus on that question and on nothing else.


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