Best vacuum for pet hair or regular ones: What’s better?

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Nov 30th, 2016
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Be it your Scooby or your Garfield, every pet is a little angel in one’s life. They are not just animals but are like family members who require the same love and care which children need. But unlike children, they are cuddly fur factories who needs constant maintenance and pamper time.

Whatever methods you may utilise to keep your place clean, you will always find pet hairs! And how can you forget their faeces, food crumbs and urine! Well, if you think that your regular vacuum cleaner can come to your rescue, you might be a little disappointed. Your usual vacuum is helpless as it is not created specifically like that of the best vacuum for pet hair!

Basically, it is not about any famous label; it is about the furry-friendly design. Even the features of the two vacuums are different. If you are quizzical on how these pet vacuum cleaners are different than the regular cleaners, you would be astonished when you find the difference.

best vacuum for pet hair

Features of vacuums for pet hair

  • Rotating brushes in an upright model

Unlike the usual vacuum cleaner models, vacuums for pets are specially made to pick up pet hair. These models pick up all furry traces making your room look squeaky clean. Few of these vacuum models have turbo brushes which also serves the purpose.

  • Power

The rated vacuum power for these cleaning devices is usually more than 200 air watts which perform a great suction job.

  • Design

As stated earlier, as these cleaners are furry friendly, you can find the suction tubes in the middle of the cleaning head. Due to such design, pet hair does not wrap around the brushes.

  • Filter system

These vacuums have HEPA filtration system which is one of the best features to keep dust and danders from flying. Some of these best vacuum for pet hair come with UV sanitation system. This facility kills viruses, germs and microbes instantly.

Apart from all these features, these pet hair vacuum cleaners are sturdier the regular cleaners.

Now as you understand why your regular cleaners cannot completely clean all the fur, it is high time to bring home a pet hair vacuum cleaner for your place!

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