How does your body process fat

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Dec 1st, 2016
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Fat cells get fixed in number by the time the person is in their teens. When a person gains weight, these fat cells do not increase in number but only increase in size. Similarly, when the person loses weight, these cells decrease in size though the number remains constant.

What is cool sculpting?                                                

When you go in for a Cool sculpting procedure or even if you just read about cool sculpting from sites such as or other such sites, you will realize how does cool sculpting work. However, before you understand cool sculpting and cooling weight loss or even cool fat removal you need to understand how the body processes fat.

Cool sculpting at home

How does the body process fat?

The fat which you eat moves through the digestive system and then it goes to the liver. In the liver, it gets processed. Processed fat gives the body energy. Excess fat then gets stored in the fat cells. However, after you Freeze the fat using cool sculpting, the way the fat gets processed by the body is as follows – the body fat cells as a result of the fat removal by freezing start to die off due to them getting crystallized. The fat cells start collapsing and in the weeks following, and the other healthy cells of the body consume the fat cells that are dead and thus these dead fat cells get naturally processed and get eliminated.

Thus, even when you check sites such as they will tell you that this procedure is not meant for weight reduction but it makes you look slimmer as it reduces fat from unwanted places and removes unsightly bulges you may have.

Therefore, cool sculpting is not meant for the obese or people who want to use this procedure instead of a gastric bypass, but it is meant for those who want to be shapelier.


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