Paleo is a new trend of future

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Dec 16th, 2016
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The is not actually a diet but a return to the basic foods of our ancestors, the Caveman. The paleo meal consists of a lean meat or fish entree, prepared fresh vegetables, followed by fresh fruit. The paleo diet is easy to follow because it is basic food that is fresh. Processed or genetically engineered foods nor dairy was a part of the caveman diet and of course neither were soft drinks. Many changes in our diet have taken place since the era of the caveman and none as drastic as moving from the diverse diet that once allowed us to live a disease free life to that of the agricultural era. About 10,000 years ago the age of the diverse natural diet or the paleoernährungerfahrung saw a big change. Man decided that instead of hunting and gathering that he would build a house grow his own foods and no longer roam the land foraging for his food. Along with this life came a complete change in his diet because his only food was what he grew and could get in trade.

"paleo ernährung erfahrung"

Manual labor and limited space caused a diverse diet to be confined to foods such as wheat, corn, barley, and oats. This limited diet caused vitamin deficiencies and consequently their health was affected. Many people died mostly from diseases that were a consequence of their diet. One of these diseases was scurvy, which is a deficiency of vitamin C or paleoernährungerfahrung. This disease wiped out villages and left ghost ships sailing the open seas because whole crews would be wiped by this disease. Ship mates would be talking with other crew members and literally die in mid-sentence. This of course made transporting trade goods for long distances impossible.

After the discovery that fruits such as oranges and limes could combat this disease, scientists of that era began recognizing the importance of a diverse diet. Eventually apples became a mainstay for ship’s crew because they could be stored for longer periods and consequently longer trips could be made. British sailors were required, besides their ration of run, to also draw a ration of lime juice for drinking with their rum. Because of this lime ration, British sailors were given the nickname “limes.”

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