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Dec 17th, 2016
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Online publishers and internet marketers have always held the idea that “content is king” in high regard and strive to meet up to that maxim. However, there’s now so much content available for free on the web via media websites, p2p networks, YouTube, RSS Feeds, content aggregation services  and other upcoming technologies, that the value of the content is so much more diminished. In light of this radical changes on the web scene, how can any online business ensure they don’t lose out?

First of all, it is imperative to note that this developments presents a newer, more powerful ideology – Contact is King. Simply put, the more contacts you have, the more your business grows (even with your content freely available).

content aggregation services 

Here are a few suggestions on how internet marketers can ensure they stay above the water at all times.

Focus on developing communities.

 Online Consumers have a wealth of product and market choices for any product or content they want, and this impacts on the manufacturers. However, adding community services and relationships to your marketing website can drastically improve your customer loyalty and encourages repeat business. You can always replace your products, but not your contacts. There is something about partaking in a community that attracts internet users. Amazon uses “users who bought this also bought that”, music and news website use similar personalization techniques. You will be doing your business no harm by focusing on developing communities instead of just focusing all your effort on your products and marketing efforts.

Content aggregation services are very common these days and the results have also created the wonders in the field. So if you are looking forward to go then do not worry about the consequences, as undoubtedly they will be great to add up to your services.



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