Making the Dream Arts with Embossing

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Jan 3rd, 2017
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Embossing – The Process:

An Embossing machine is the important equipment to make creative arts and crafts out of one’s own unique creativity. Embossing is the technique of imprinting the image from a metal on the material on which the embossing is being done.

paper embossing machine

paper embossing machine does the process of imprinting the image by applying pressure on the material to be embossed with an embossing die by applying the required heat. The image is the creativity of the designer with which the designer would like the craft with embossing to be made of. The material with the embossing work thus created is a beautiful piece of art created with the raised design that perfectly and beautifully renders the work of its creator.

Embossing Types:

There are various types of embossing designs that can be made from embossing machine. These embossing types depends on the die cuts and the texture of the material being embossed. It is important to select they correct type of materials and die to achieve the desired result with the embossing. Some of the popular type of embossing includes blind emboss, registered emboss, combo emboss, polished emboss, sculptured emboss, single level and multi-level emboss. There are various techniques that is being carried out in each of these types of embossing. The material and die also makes difference in contributing to the embossing product.

Popular Die Cutting & Embossing Machines:

Some of the different brands of embossing machine found in the market includes Sizzix big shot plus which is the latest version of big shot, big shot with extended platform, circuit 2000293 cuttlebug machine, embossing machine from We R memory keepers and finally the die cutting and embossing machine from Spell Binders PL-001 Platinum. Each of these machines specializes in different cuts and the types of embossing types and designs produced and it is up to the user to decide the machine that they need based on their requirement.




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