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Jan 17th, 2017
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If you check you will find that there are a number of slitherio hack sites. One will wonder why a game such as slither.io would need hack sites at all. Well, slither.io consists of a snake avatar which needs to grow and possibly become the biggest snake of the day. In order to grow it needs to consume pellets. These pellets are got from other snakes which have died and their bodies form into these shimmering pellets which when consumed not only do the player’s points increase, the size of the snake avatar increases but they level up and have new skins unlocked for them.

The slitherio hack help in different ways. There are some which offer unlimited mass, there are some which get you to the gold mode. For these hacks, what you would need to do is to enter the nickname, choose the gold mode and select the region you are in. When connected to the net, it allows for this to be activated. There are the slitherio hack which allow for different skins to be unlocked.

slitherio hack

These slitherio hack sites as well as mods allow for different features to be used by the players – features which other players who do not have such cheats will probably not be able to use. For example, there are hacks as well as mods which allow the player to zoom in or to zoom out. There are also speed hacks which are available. There are hacks which can allow the user to create new skins and more.

These also allow snakes to be controlled and so the player is better able to play the game and score more points. They are also able to reach the leader position where they have the longest snake for the day. This is a prized position to have as the leader gets to send out a message to all.

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