Different Types of Size of CPAP Pillows

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Jan 22nd, 2017
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There are two types of sizes available in the CPAP pillows; the fixed and the adjustable size pillows. The users of the CPAP mask side sleepers will require the tall edge pillows which will prevent the hose mask to touch the mattress which is the common problem with the failure of any pillow. Another important thing to keep in mind while looking for a pillow is that the spine alignment in the correct position is essential.

Fixed Size: The fixed size CPAP pillows are the ones that are designed especially for the CPAP mask users as it is known that it is difficult to keep the mask sealed entire night without leakage with the use of the normal pillow. The design of the fixed size is similar to the common pillow with the only difference is the presence of the three half round holes on edge of the pillow, which will prevent the CPAP mask to touch the pillow and mattress.

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The common material used for filling is the memory foam as it provides good support and maintains the softness of the pillow along with the proper depth of the CPAP pillows.

Adjustable Size: As the name suggests, the adjustable CPAP pillow can be adjusted in terms of the shape and also filling of the pillows matching the requirements of the user as per the sleeping position. These pillows can be custom made by the patient. For example, if the person is a side sleeper, then the filling has to be on one side or a hole can be made on the place by hitting the filling of the pillow. Another point is if the pillow is very much stiff than one can also remove the filling. One can make it flexible and comfortable as per the need of the user. The adjustable size pillows are mostly filled with buckwheat or the mixture of buckwheat and the shreds of memory foam.

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