Most important Tools needed for Cell phones repairs:

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Jan 22nd, 2017
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It is an investment in any cell phone repairing shop to buy a right kind of tools and equipment. It is always better to buy quality assured repairing products than its cheap alternative ones. There are lots of manufacturing brands available on the market to choose from. These are a little bit expensive but in the long run, it is right investment to build your Cell phones repairing shop from scratch. When you are out shopping for tools and equipment of Cell phone repair, then you must be concerned with the most important part of any cell phone which is ESD or Static Electricity. So, here we are providing some best tools list to start your business from scratch:-

  • Soldering Iron: To solder important parts and components such as resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode, speaker, microphone, regulator, display, etc. you should buy a good quality Soldering iron or station. The most known brands in soldering iron are Weller and Hakko.
  • Sponge for cleaning purpose: It is used to clean the sharp tip of Soldering station.

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  • Hot Air Blower: It is also known as Surface Mount Device (SMD) system. It is used to control and regulate the temperature of the equipment. It is essential to buy a nice quality hot air blower for the safety of ESD.
  • PCB holder and Stand: A Printed Circuit Board is used to hold the cell phone’s PCB while repairing or soldering.
  • Solder Flux and Wire: Solder wire is used to create a silver color paste for soldering ICs electronic components, etc. To remove any oxidizing agent from the solder joints, we have to apply Flux on it. It is essential to buy No-clean Flux and better quality solder wire.
  • Solder Paste: It is a paste like semi-solid molten product which is used for soldering and repairing ICs.

These are all used for cell phone repairs.

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