What is the thought process behind commercial food processors

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Jan 22nd, 2017
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When buying commercial food processors the thought process that should go into the appliance are:

  1. What is the size that is needed. If you are a person that cooks multiple batches at a time you may want bigger bowls and a processor which holds upto 16 cups. These however may cost more but it makes sense in the long run rather than having to use smaller bowls and then having to wash them often and reuse them. These bigger bowls and commercial food processors which accommodate these big bowls will need more counter space and so if you are short on counter space or working area then that needs to be considered as well.
  2. Choppers are better for small jobs like dicing small amounts of onion or handfuls of greens but for larger amounts, these food processors make sense. For small items, it is more of a hassle to use these food processors as they are a hassle to have to clean them.

commercial food processors

  1. commercial food processors which are cheaper usually do not perform all that well and also they tend to make more noise than the higher end models. For heavy duty use, a higher end model should be bought as they tend to last much longer.
  2. These should be able to chop vegetables with equal ease for stews as well as soups, for salads as well as for garnishing and it can be used for grating cheese for tacos as well. Bread and pastry dough can be kneaded in these commercial food processors as well.
  3. When searching for commercial food processors one should make a list of what are the tasks carried out on a routine basis. If the tasks include making smoothies and cocktails then a blender attachment should be considered as well.

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