All You Need to Know About Types of Wood Routers

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Feb 18th, 2017
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Wood routers are the best companion for wood workers in performing various types of work related to restructuring the wood form for various furniture and artistic pieces. With so many models of wood router available in the market, it is best to read the different wood router reviews to better understand the types and features offered with each model of router.

Wood Routers – Types:

Wood routers had evolved drastically from its initial version where the first wood router is made of hand plane that contained a wide base with a blade which is narrow and projected beyond its base to the modern electric ones that are compact and handy as compared to its initial version.

As per various wood router reviews, there are two broad categories of wood routers – Fixed Routers & Plunge Routers.

wood router reviews

Fixed Router:

The Fixed base wood router is best suited for shaping corners or edges of the shelves. This type of router is fixed with its base to the ground, and contains a cylindrical housing to accommodate the wood bit inside where the height of the bit is fixed or determined as per the height of the cylindrical housing. The router also contains a motor, which when switched on, the blades will approach the wood bit from the sides, giving them the perfect cut and shape.

Plunge Router:

The Plunge router contains a specialized design wherein the motor is attached to the base of the router supported by a piston rods which are spring loaded which would be pulled vertically downwards that enables the wood surface to be in touch with the bit. This makes the bit to be locked in the router for further action. In plunge router, the wood is approached from above.

Combination Router:

The combination router comes with the interchangeable bases between fixed and plunge routers, where the user can use the one that is best suited for the given job.


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